Thursday, April 26, 2012


Nebula-Rose. That's my pen name. Why such a name? It's actually from the name Rosaline.Well I happen to fancy a few names. Rosaline sounds like a classic, Victorian-era maiden's name and I sorta like it. NOT from Twilight. I do like my name though. But it is not wrong to fantasize over having another is it? As for Nebula, well if you've came across with astronomy,-pretty sure everyone has since we look up to the same stars every night what am I saying?? Anyway, you'd have a clue. Basically it's an accumulation of dust and gases in space, and they look absolutely beautiful in the pictures. But I don't know much about astronomy. Must be much more than it already is in the pictures, if only I ever get to see it. Just, how? It's mentioned in surah ar-Rahman (55:37), in case if you'd wanna look it up =)  as if I have readers but who cares YOLO.

Alright, the thing about me is, recently (or I'd say since the past year) my mind has been often too clouded with unnecessary thoughts and this never happened to me before. I no longer see things clearly, I don't think I talk real talk and I even came to a point of where I thought my brain has lost its ability to function as it has before. I remember one time in my life when I felt calm and bliss, I was one with my soul. But I guess it didn't last long as I hoped it would. Hah. Right now, I even find difficulties in typing these sentences. It's been so long since the last time I wrote anything about myself. I think my old self had gone. And she has gone too far and it is too late to retrieve her footsteps. So I'm just gonna let it be and find a new self to take her place. No, it's me. I'm just...gone. I need help but I scream the scream that no one heard. So here I am. Welcome abroad, Nebula-Rose.

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