Saturday, April 28, 2012

PMS? That's love

I'm a woman. Among many other things that make me a woman is getting my period. Of course, some are not really welcoming their best friend's monthly visit.

Dear Period,
You’re not wanted.  You’re not loved.  You’re nothing but a pain in my belly and an ache in my back.

PMS is a b***h. 

Seriously? I beg to differ on this. I, on the other hand, am very pleased to get my period every month.
I do get my mood swings, the sudden big appetite and such criteria of a PMS-ing woman, but despite all the hassle (other than the mood swings, nothing else is much of a hassle, really) I enjoy being in "The Special Time of the Month". Why do some women hate their PMS so much? I don't see a good reason to hate it, above all going through PMS and getting my period completes my femininity (getting pregnant is a whole another story since I'm not married yet).

However I must say, I do get carried away while having PMS; especially when I've planned to go on a chocolate-free-less-carb diet during that period. Blimey, I suddenly turn into glutton monster! I could finish a bar of chocolate within minutes. I just tend to eat a lot, and I mean A LOT, mostly dairy products - cheese, chocolate-flavoured ice cream, chocolates, more chocolates and more chocolates along the way. My mood swings would be worse than preggers. One minute I was all joyful and suddenly I'll be sobbing in the next. I get sad watching other people's pain or joy. Once, I was walking by myself along the OB&GYN corridor at the hospital and I saw a man carrying a load of bags and slightly behind him was his wife, make-up free but still beautiful, dressed in a jacket and long skirt with socks and in her hand was her newborn baby. She was walking really slow, careful not to damage her delivery wound and she was stroking her baby's cheek, looking at the newborn with a loving, motherly look. She looked at me and smiled. I nodded slightly and returned her smile. I was marveled at such simple, beautiful gesture and I was so emotionally touched that I began tearing. Right there! I didn't make it obvious though, I hope I didn't. That was the scene of the week. I was all emotional, I tear up at simple acts of gratefulness of the patients, upon seeing their smiles, while looking at children playing with such happiness in them, etc.

As for anger and disappointment, while at work, I have no other option but to put my emotions and raging hormones aside and let them all out during lunchtime where food is the victim. Most of the time, I'd just mind my own business and be extra careful in everything I do the whole day (sometimes period pain could be a major distraction. Thankfully, I do not get them often). Those who've put up with me, they deserve a massive thank you. In case if people are wondering how PMS/first few days of period feels like, as for me, I'd say it's like having a blade shedding the lining of the uterine wall. Not fun. But as I said, I seldom get them. Well in the end, having the cycle in my life regularly is what makes me a woman. I feel healthy when I get my period and  certainly, no woman will ever deny the fact that they look beautiful during the ovulation period. Thanks to Ms.Oestrogen and Ms. Progesterone for giving us that extra glow :) See, it does women so much good. PMS, nothing to diss so much about. Once menopause strikes, that's when women would start wishing they had their menstrual cycle. I bet on it.

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